The launch of Motorola Razr as a folding mobile phone is expected after earlier this year’s first rumors, and a report of some kind of its arrival shortly soon. The company owned by Lenovo is now sending invitations for a conference in California, Los Angeles, which is set for 13 November, where the foldable Razr device is supposed to be released. The device, speculated to call the 2019 Razr, would compete with its foldable design against the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold. A Motorola VP confirmed earlier this year plans to release foldable devices with the legendary Razr label, which was once popular for offering luxurious looking clamshell phones, without defining the design or partnership.

The media invite that Motorola circulated includes a GIF that proposes a folded and unfolded the phone, reports CNet. This shows the “reinvented logo” which could only be speculated by the 2019 Motorola Razr.

The invite indicates the Razr’s return, “Classic, unlike any other version.” It also informs us of the former Razr versions by mentioning “You’re going to flip.”  Motorola was notably one of the first companies to express interest in foldable mobile phones. VP Dan Dery of Global Product stated his intentions for a folding smartphone in a media interview back in February. “We started working on foldable phones a long time ago,” said Dery during the interview. “Then we did a lot of testing.”

Also, the executive had indicated that Motorola would take a different approach than what both Samsung and Huawei have taken while designing their foldable phones in the past.

In January, a listing on the WIPO site was produced showing the model and popular Motorola Razr hinge and chin of the upcoming foldable smartphone.

A source in August reported that a foldable device for Razr 2019 will make its debut in Europe at a price tag of around EUR 1,500 in either December 2019 or January 2020. The concept of Sarang Sheth from Yanko Design is thought to look similar. The devices proposed a similar design with previous Razr phones and a secondary view on the front.

The SNapdragon Snap Dragon 710 SoC and 6 GB of ram and 128 GB of onboard storage have been speculated at the Motorola Razr 2019 on the specs page. Furthermore, the phone will feature a 6.2 “folding screen (876×2142 pixels) along with a secondary 600×800 pixel display

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