Download Viber Messenger for Motorola

Download Viber Messenger for Motorola

Download Viber Messenger for Motorola smartphone. The developers went on developing the app and at the end, they sold it to Rakuten, the Japanese Tech Giant. Viber app can be used for a variety of purposes, just like most of the popular apps of the day. You can use it to send free texts to your friends who are using Viber as well. In addition, you can use it to send files, particularly videos and images. Nonetheless, you cannot use it to send sound files. On the other hand, you can send across voice clips by pressing the record button and hold it down. You can use it to record clips of up to 60 seconds durations.

Viber messenger app can also be used to make voice and video calls. The most up-to-date translation comes with games you can play with friends. Stickers that are new are added on a regular basis, to make sure that you never short of humorous ways to express yourself. The quality of calls that you make on Viber is not bad, but in a situation where your calls were made on 2G connections, it is actually not favorable to a good call.

Viber apk for Smartphone

Download Viber for Motorola

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