Download Telegram Messenger for Motorola

Download Telegram Messenger for Motorola

Download Telegram Messenger for Motorola smartphpnes. What Makes Telegram a Unique IM? Fast: Telegram has been classified among the fastest messaging app that is currently available in the market, as it uses an infrastructure that is distributed with data centers that have been positioned in different locations across the globe.


With the Telegram messenger, all your messages and data are encrypted with algorithms that are time-tested. This ensures maximum security among users.

Cloud Storage:

With the cloud storage services, the app will sync across all your devices seamlessly. This ensures that you are able to access your data securely and conveniently. Your message history will be stored for free in the Telegram Cloud.

Group Sharing and Chat:

With telegram you will be to for groups that have upto 200 members and as well send broadcast messages to as many as 100 contacts as a time. With such groups, you can share documents, large videos, as well as send unlimited amount of messages and photos.


This app has been built to deliver your messages with the minimum bytes possible. It has been built in such a way that it can perfectly work on mobile connections that are weak.

Privacy and Support:

The app assures you of an ultimate privacy and your data can never be accessed by third parties. Telegram also offers Secret Chats for those who are interested with a maximum privacy. You will also be able to ask questions and share your problems with the telegrams real-time support.

Recent Updates:

Lately, telegram has improved how you send stickers by ensuring you preview them (tap and hold) before sending. With this app, you will still be able to access in-app preview for links photos. To install this app you will need an Android version 2.2 or above.

Telegram apk for Motorola Smartphone

Download Telegram for Motorola

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