Moto X Pure Edition Review

Moto X Pure Edition Review

There were massive changes in Motorola ownership but it retained its power and uniqueness. Moto X has been used on Verizon Wireless, almost entirely in Maryland. It’s the only 32GB mid-price model retailing for $449 and running Android 5.1.1 (LPH23.116-18) out of the box.


Moto X Pure Edition hardware is noticeably thicker at the edges when compared to the Moto X 2014.  It has a black textured coating that gives it the right amount of grip. Besides, this model feels nice when you run your fingers across it, but can be a bit of a fingerprint magnet. It also has a great stabilizing point when taking a snap; that is necessary today than it was before thanks to it’s increased in thickness.

The metal trim surrounding it is coated, so the color more closely matches the all black exterior. Unfortunately, Motorola automatically selects the color of this metal trim based on the color of your front casing. Therefore, do you like the shiny, and grippy edge in your phone? You’ll have to go with a white front. Moreover, the front-facing speakers on this phone are great. The display on this version is outstanding. It’s clearly not as good as Samsung and struggles in sunlight.

Moto X Pure Edition Software 

Motorola has constantly been improving and adjusting features on its handsets. Its core features are all updated through Google Play. Motorola’s software remains at the top of a mostly Nexus-style flavor of Android. Some of the features are; Google’s launcher, Google’s keyboard, Google’s visuals for settings. In case you want Google’s features rather than the Motorola’s features just press the button.

Battery Life And Internals

This phone lasts a full day without needing power. An advantage of it is its fast charging and also wireless charging. When the Moto X Pure Edition’s 3000 mAh battery hovers around 10 percent it’s time the turbocharger can get another 45 percent battery after about 10 minutes plugged in. The Snapdragon 808 processor and 3GB of RAM included for this build is great for day to day tasks. The Moto Voice occasionally takes a second or two to launch after the personalized voice command.

It has a long-lasting Battery life and high performance that makes it suitable for those who want to buy it. Moto X camera delivers great photos over and over again as long as there is appropriate lighting. However, there are some problems in low light.

(3 raters, 11 scores, average: 3.67 out of 5)

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